Find Out Why Our Customers Love Our Houses, And Our Service.

We've asked some of our past customers to share their experiences with Schany homes, and they were only too glad! Read about their home building experiences below.

Donald's experience too date and approach to building the "home of your dreams" is refreshing. From start to finish his focus is you, your wishes and your expectations. Making sure your project stays on schedule, in line with your budgeted expectations and is problem free is the key to the project being a pleasant experience. Nothing is left to chance, nothing is too much trouble and the feeling that you are an important part of the process is what makes this a custom experience.

Building your own custom home is one of life's great challenges, your dreams can either come true or can become a living nightmare! The selection of your builder is paramount to the success of the whole experience. Donald's honesty, integrity, attention to detail, panel of contractors and willingness to work with you as the project progresses is welcoming. This was our second home build and their is no doubt that we will do it again....with the help of Donald!

-Mike and Bambi

I look back on the whole build process and have to smile a bit. Before selecting a builder I was a nervous wreck. I had met with many builders and was struggling with pulling the trigger because of the doubt and concern that I felt. Fortunately I was lucky enough to meet one of your former customers and they put us in touch. Our first meeting was so different from all the others. No other builder had taken the time to contact my architect and get a full scale drawing. But even better you had drawn all over these plans with ideas that you felt it needed. I understand that some customers might not need this skill but it was invaluable to me. I was in over my head, had a home design that was good but it lacked that truly custom touch. You took the time that other builders would not to guide me through finalizing my plans.

The build process was on-time and under budget and it went far better than I feared most of which I attribute to your creativity, knowledge, patience and building experience. The reality is building a home is complex. There will be issues that are unavoidable and what's important is the method and degree to which they are handled. Never once did I feel as though I was being treated unfairly or that you did not have my best interest in mind. I could go ramble about the build quality or your flexibility with my last minute changes but what's more important to me is the trust and confidence that I had with you. I trusted you with my money and my home.

Now it's been almost a year since we completed the house and I couldn't be happier. Selecting you as my builder was the most important build decision I made and with it came a beautiful home and a good friend.

-Jason DeGeorge